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Q: Can I take the HAZWOPER course from any location and computer?
A: Yes you can! Our online HAZWOPER training courses are available to you from any computer with Internet.

Q: Is the reaccepted important ?
A: Yes, it is. Employees need to refresh their awareness and understand the new tactics of the safety handling procedures. It is done just for your safety in worksites.

Q: Do I need the HAZWOPER training course? How do I know that?
A: The OSHA HAZWOPER training is applicable for five types of groups of employers and their employees. If you belong to any of the group below then, you may need the HAZWOPER training.

  1. Clean-up operations as required by the government body conducted at the uncontrollable hazardous waste sites
  2. Operations relating to hazardous wastes
  3. Emergency response operations for release of substantial threats or hazardous substances
  4. Corrective actions for clean-up operations
  5. Voluntary clean-up operations at sites tag as uncontrolled hazardous waste-sites by the government body

Q: Does OSHA recognize the online HAZWOPER training offered in this site?
A: Definitely. All HAZWOPER training courses have been reviewed and accepted by OSHA for online distribution.

Q: Is there a final exam to clear?
A: Yes, you must appear for the final exam online to complete any of the HAZWOPER training courses.

Q: How much should I score to clear the final exam?
A: For clearing the HAZWOPER training courses you must score at least 70%.

Q: What if I am unable to clear the final exam at the first attempt?
A: If a trainee is not able to clear the final exam on first try, he can try two more attempts to clear with no additional cost.

Q: Is the online OSHA HAZWOPER training better than the traditional classroom training method?
A: We cannot say that an online training is 100% better as each method has its own benefits. However, the online HAZWOPER training will offer a better opportunity over the traditional classroom teaching. You can take the online HAZWOPER course anytime, anywhere without taking out extra time from your work.

Q: Do you offer bulk discount prices?
A: Yes, we do. To know more about our discounted prices you can contact us or visit our Bulk Discounts page.

Q: How do I register for the HAZWOPER training course?
A: To register for our HAZWOPER training, you must fill up the online registration form and send it to us. You must fill up the form correctly to avoid any inconveniences.